The light and space of open plan living

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Gone are the days when our kitchen space was purely for cooking. Demands on this space are now many. It is regarded as more of a family/entertaining area. As a nation we have removed walls, removed serving hatches, added bifolds and installed under floor heating in order to create a larger space without it being cold or dark. The majority of our projects include all of these elements. When taking on a project of this nature it is important to consider the room from all angles which is why our software gives a panoramic view of the entire room including any soft furnishings. Our clients benefit as it enables them to make an informed decision on the scheme for the room after looking at all of the design options. Open plan living needs to take into consideration intelligent storage (everything has its place), effective extraction (strong odours need to be dealt with efficiently), future proofing (USB chargers and dedicated homework areas) and adaptability to transform from homework station to dinner party zone with minimal effort. The possibilities are endless!

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