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‘Nothing gives me more pleasure than taking my clients ideas and turning them in to reality’

Lynda Mills


I always had a love for interiors. Even as a child I had always been drawn towards spaces that created an emotion, for example a sofa you melt into whilst being surrounded by the smell of books on a snowy day, or a dimly lit dining room with friends laughing. I want to create a ‘feeling’ within each space I design.

My introduction to kitchen design was in 2003 when she designed a kitchen for a family development project. I soon gathered pace designing interior spaces for clients.

To help clients discover the inspiration for their project, I encourage a relaxed conversation, perhaps looking through family photo albums or discussing favourite past experiences. “Sometimes the new space may be a new beginning, so in these cases the focus is on new adventures and their vision for their future.”

Lynda Mills Kitchens
Lynda Mills Kitchens

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