Can anyone design a kitchen?

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Yes… just like everyone can bake a cake, paint a picture and write a song… you know where I’m going with this?
Deciding to take the leap and choose a new kitchen is a big step, not only financially but it needs to stand the test of time. It needs to be something you’ll love for years to come … a Mary Berry Banana cake or Hey Jude by the Beatles. Every client has different requirements but each kitchen needs to be their version of classic whilst including intelligent storage, future proofing for a growing family, able to morph from a functional working kitchen space to an adult entertaining area….
Between us (in the words of the Beatles) We Can Work It Out.

The light and space of open plan living

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Gone are the days when our kitchen space was purely for cooking. Demands on this space are now many. It is regarded as more of a family/entertaining area. As a nation we have removed walls, removed serving hatches, added bifolds and installed under floor heating in order to create a larger space without it being cold or dark. The majority of our projects include all of these elements. When taking on a project of this nature it is important to consider the room from all angles which is why our software gives a panoramic view of the entire room including any soft furnishings. Our clients benefit as it enables them to make an informed decision on the scheme for the room after looking at all of the design options. Open plan living needs to take into consideration intelligent storage (everything has its place), effective extraction (strong odours need to be dealt with efficiently), future proofing (USB chargers and dedicated homework areas) and adaptability to transform from homework station to dinner party zone with minimal effort. The possibilities are endless!

Sharing True Inspiration – That is simply what I do!

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“The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.” – Pearl S Buck

Over the past 15 years I have designed and installed many bespoke kitchens. With a love for interiors, I want to create a ‘feeling’ within each space I design. Even as a child I had always been drawn towards spaces that created an emotion, for example a sofa you melt into whilst being surrounded by the smell of books on a snowy day, or a dimly lit dining room with friends laughing.

In this blog I wanted to share with you, part of myself, it really believe that I can design a kitchen that brings happiness to a person or a family. I love watching people’s faces when they see my ideas and embrace new styles. I see every kitchen as a challenge and with my can-do attitude, I like to feel that I have made a real positive impact on a kitchen and can make people smile.

Whether it be a contemporary or traditional kitchen design, having a painted or stone effect, with a Quartz or Granite worktops – I never tire of the design and creative process. Every kitchen is unique, many clients have differing ideas but what remains constant – what I deliver has to be outstanding! First the very first design, through to kitchen designs of today, my aim is to create amazing interiors, each time, every time and we are very proud of our achievements to date. To make a kitchen truly personal and to receive a ‘thank you’ email or a testimonial – just makes what I do so much better!

Embarking on a new kitchen permits vision – would it be getting rid of clutter with built-in clever storage solutions, such as deep drawer organisers and pull-out waste? Or is it increasing the size of a kitchen, opening it up to nearby rooms or to the outside garden? Whatever the dream, I work with clients to understand their life, their needs as a family or individuals and discuss the options available to create their unique environment. I help to make it really happen, seeing the finished space and the look on their faces is such a fabulous unforgettable experience!

New kitchens are an expensive investment, for that reason a healthy working relationship with a client is essential. Harmony, balance and transparency are fundamentally so important. Communication is key, clarity of process, of timeframes, of choice and deadlines are vital to a smooth installation and so is a happy client.

So if you are searching for creative kitchen ideas, the latest kitchen trends or perhaps an innovative range of bronze taps, I’m always inspired by others and hunt for awesome suppliers to work with. I imagine how their offerings would appearance in a new kitchen project. Does a new bespoke handle grab attention? Are you blown away by the fabulous new marble effect slim line worktop? By working with so many talented and skilled suppliers, I’m in an exceptional position that allows me to share their true inspiration too.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” – Aristotle – that is simply what I do!

About The Author

Lynda Mills is a creative kitchen designer who wants to create a ‘feeling’ within each space she designs. Her kitchen design consultancy was set-up in 2003 and is now working within Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Lynda also works with Paul Heppner, who manages everything onsite and organises various trades. We are there to take your ideas and turning them into reality.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Not in the Kitchen!

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Our kitchen space now has a greater responsibility and has to adapt to both changes in family and lifestyle. Not only does it have to be a “working kitchen” in which we cook, it’s often a place where friends gather around an island for a chat or where a family can catch up over a weekend breakfast. Despite being referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen often lacks interest due to the lack of colour. Needless to say, the most popular colour in the kitchen is white, associated with hygiene and freshness.

Colour can be used to create feelings like spaciousness, it often can affect the moods too. With some people preferring ”warm” or “cool” colours, choosing a colour palette for your kitchen which reflects your taste is very a personal thing. When thinking about a new kitchen, we offer intuitive advice on design, storage solutions and can help you to bring a little bit of colour into your kitchen, if that is of course, what you want.

Often decisions are made more difficult when you just can’t make up your mind when presented with a wide array of choice. Your kitchen that you had in mind, may be something completely different to the one that you have chosen. For example when looking for colour inspiration, there are certainly dozens of different shades of grey, beige, white and depending on your room lighting they can look very different in a showroom to your actual home space. We approach this slightly differently by offering full sized bespoke colour door samples. So you can take your time when selecting a colour, also you can decide just how much or how little colour to introduce and where. So see how the colour responds in the morning – is it fresh enough? In the evening – does it have enough depth? When you’re entertaining – is it ‘grown up’ enough?

Alongside the desire to embark on a new kitchen whatever the colour, consideration must be given to rest of your home. The overall accents of colour can be echoed throughout your home giving it a seamless feel from one room to another. The selection of your colour palette is so important. Neutral colours such as grey, beige, white and the majority of the Farrow and Ball colour chart are fabulous as they can blend or stand out as much as you want and have the option of intensifying the tone by a few shades to create areas of accent. As the book says there are certainly Fifty Shades of Grey (if not more)!

Do you need help with your kitchen design or perhaps need a little more colour inspiration?

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About The Author

Lynda Mills is a creative kitchen designer who wants to create a ‘feeling’ within each space she designs. Her kitchen design consultancy was set-up in 2003 and is now working within Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Lynda also works with Paul Heppner, who manages everything onsite and organises various trades. We are there to take your ideas and turning them into reality.